Hello, I’m Dominic Kiernan, director of investigations and owner of Admiral Tax

My entire professional career has been within taxes. I started as a fresh-faced 18 year old Inland Revenue Assistant in 1988. After a decade at HMRC, I left as a senior Tax Inspector. I set up Admiral Tax to use my experience and knowledge to help people faced with Tax Investigations.

Negotiating tax investigation resolutions and more

I am also skilled in the following areas:

  • A consultant giving Tactical Support to Tax Professionals
  • A professional speaker at events, most recently at the Federation of Tax Advisors and The Institute of Financial Advisors

You can view my full career history by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

  • I live in Warrington with my partner and our Jack Russell terrier’ Agnes (the boss).
  • I love food and have become a bit of a passionate chef at home.
  • My partner and my Jack Russell love my new found interest in food; so I confess does my own stomach.
  • I am totally obsessed with Manchester United and have been a fan all my life.
  • I enjoy keeping fit at the gym whenever time allows; despite the aches and pains these days.

Okay, one guilty pleasure is my love of films – so a good meal, Netflix and my feet up on a Saturday really does happen at mine.

Enough about me. You are our priority here. We’ll help you successfully resolve any tax investigation.

How Can Our Tax investigation Help & Advice Benefit You?

Let me be honest if you are facing a tax investigation; without professional help, then the odds are stacked heavily in favour of HMRC and their teams of highly trained tax inspectors. They specialise in conducting investigations (it’s their job) and will be seeking to maximise payments and possible penalties.

Even your accountant; who is not a tax investigation expert, cannot be expected to know everything. That’s how our tax investigation help & advice can help you.

At Admiral Tax we are specialists not generalists. We specialise in HMRC tax investigations of all kinds and nothing else.

What Tax Investigation Services do we offer?

Admiral Tax offer the most comprehensive range of tax investigation services available anywhere in the UK. We offer advice, support and guidance in the following areas:

These cases emanate from conventional HMRC local compliance offices and are generally conducted by senior ranking tax inspectors. Instructing Admiral Tax Investigation Services will bring you precisely that level of experience and more. We have worked for HMRC at all levels and across all disciplines including local compliance, serious fraud and criminal prosecution. Now we offer tax investigation help & advice to anyone faced with an HMRC or VAT investigation.

Serious Fraud Tax Investigations

We also offer specialist representation in matters involving serious tax fraud including,

Tax investigation cases where HMRC suspect serious tax fraud require particular technical expertise. Our team includes former senior HMRC investigators who have work in civil investigation of fraud and criminal prosecution.

Not Yet Under Investigation but Concerned?

Moreover, if you have not received a letter from HMRC, but have concerns regarding unpaid taxes we specialise in all aspects of HMRC Voluntary disclosure process.

At Admiral Tax you will only ever deal with a tax investigation expert. We are small niche practice; dedicated to our clients. ensuring the very best result for you.

We keep our commitments and do not promise anything we cannot deliver. Our word is our contract.

Our focus is outward on our customers, not inwardWe make it easy for you to do business with us, by listening, anticipating and responding to your needs.

We Pride Ourselves on Being

Transparent & Authentic– We are open and honest in all our dealings with you.

Generous– We will over-deliver when we can, providing our clients with more than their money’s worth.

Emphatic– We will treat others the way we wish to be treated: with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Exceptional – We are committed to do the right thing and follow sound business practices in dealing with our customers, suppliers and competitors. Our competitors are not enemies; they are challengers who drive us to improve.

Tax Investigation Help & Advice

I realise that for some people getting on the phone is not always possible or comfortable, so I have added a ‘chat’ option to the website. This is answered by a professional tax specialist to give you tax investigation help & advice.