If you receive a check of self assessment partnership tax return, you may wish to begin by reading our article “Why have I been selected for tax investigation?” before continuing. It provides some useful background information on HMRC case selection, prior to beginning a check of your self assessment tax return. A check of self assessment partnership tax return issued under Section 12A TMA 1970 focuses on a partnership. The notice itself will generally be issued to the nominated partner.


As with any compliance check issued by HMRC, you need to consider the language used very carefully. If you have received a letter from HMRC informing you that a check of self assessment partnership tax return has commenced, the Inspector clearly feels that tax is at risk. In short, HMRC feel that tax has been underpaid. They are looking to recover it for the year of investigation and if applicable for earlier years too. Without question, a check of self assessment partnership tax return, is simply a tax investigation by another name.


If HMRC decide that your conduct during the year of investigation applies to earlier years and the tax loss is significant, they will look to scale the irregularities back. In such circumstances the tax investigation will generally be settled via a contract arrangement. HMRC refer to such an agreement as a contract settlement. You can be sure that HMRC will not write to you without first doing their research. They will have compiled a comprehensive intelligence file, including information from third parties. You may wish to have a look through HMRC notes on self-assessment

Help is available

Do not panic. Specialist help is out there. The appointment of a specialist tax investigation adviser will help ensure that any check of your self assessment tax return is completed accurately, efficiently and in full compliance with HMRC legislation. Admiral Tax promise to achieve this in the shortest possible time frame, saving you money.

We all need a friend in our corner, particularly one who can offer the following:

  • A critical assessment of HMRCs request to see documents and information
  • Satisfaction that you do in fact have a case to answer. HMRC can be wrong too
  • Specialist management of your tax investigation through to satisfactory closure
  • A comprehensive health check of your self assessment return and/or supporting accounts
  • Recommend how we can save you some money elsewhere
  • Negotiate firmly with HMRC on your behalf, within the boundaries of published legislation
  • Ensure you that you achieve the best possible financial settlement via contract
  • Arrange a manageable time period for you to repay any tax agreed with HMRC
  • Offer you free advice on good accounting practice to avoid future problems

Get in touch

If you are worried, following receipt of a letter notifying you that HMRC wish to check your self assessment tax return, the please call our friendly team for specialist tax investigation advice. You can reach us day and night by calling 0330 999 5000. If you prefer email, then we guarantee a response within the hour.