Our consultancy advice to tax professionals explained

Informed advice at an early stage is often crucial. Admiral Tax consultancy advice to tax professionals is an independent specialist tax investigation service. – Admiral Tax does not provide audits, financial services or legal advice. This makes us ideal to act as an impartial consultant or as an ongoing single point of contact during any HMRC tax investigation.

We can work with you either in front of clients or behind the scenes and provide you with value-driven specialist tax advice. We offer the opportunity of fixed fees and one to one guidance from an experienced, highly qualified tax adviser. Our straightforward, common sense approach will bring you clarity, structure, and understanding to even the most complex of tax investigation issues. 

In our consultancy role we work with:

  • Accountants and tax advisers
  • Independent Financial Advisers
  • Solicitors
  • Property letting agents


Admiral Tax are vastly experienced in providing consultancy advice to tax professionals and accountants. We offer an array of flexible tax investigation services, dependent upon the client’s specific needs.

Some examples of the support available to fellow tax professionals through Admiral Tax Investigations include:

Expert advice from tax specialists

HMRC Tax investigations can be very time intensive and as such put a great strain on resources. The support of a specialist team could prove invaluable and help take the pressure off you and your client. Admiral Tax consultancy advice to tax professionals adopts a flexible approach in any dealings with our fellow professional advisers.

We can either:

  • Take over the conduct of the tax investigation in its entirety, through to a negotiated settlement
  • Provide specialist tax investigation consultancy advice if this is deemed to be more appropriate

Your client will remain your client

We guarantee not to take any instructions directly from any of your clients without your prior agreement. Your client will always remain your client.

During any consultancy advice to tax professionals assignment, we can be as high-profile or low-profile with your client as you wish.  You may want to introduce us as a specialist external tax consultant. Or you may want us to remain invisible. Whatever works best for you will guide us.

Admiral Tax Consultancy will never look to take your clients away. We specialise in tax investigation issues only.

Contact Us to see how we can help you

If you are fellow tax adviser or accountant and need specialist support with a UK tax investigation then you should consider using Admiral Tax Consultancy Advice to Professionals service. We can assist with HMRC tax investigations or compliance issues of all types, regardless of size or gravity.

Below are just some of the examples of the specialist tax investigation services that we offer: