Our HMRC tax investigation team

Our team comprises former HMRC investigators, who have unrivaled experience in dealing with HMRC tax investigations on both sides of the fence. Who better to represent you than an adviser who understands fully the mindset and tactical approach of HMRC?

Here are just some of the advantages this experience brings:

swift and effective settlement, resulting in lower professional fees

  • a sound knowledge of HMRC’s internal systems
  • a clear understanding of how the legislation is applied
  • how legislation can be interpreted and utilised effectively
  • experienced insight into the best tactical approach
  • effective communication based upon previous experience
  • negotiation skills ensuring the best financial settlement possible

Our HMRC investigations services

We assist HMRC investigations of all sizes and levels of complexity:

You can feel secure that your HMRC tax investigation specialist has the awareness, tactical ability and negotiation skills to bring your HMRC tax investigation to a speedy, tax efficient resolution.

No compromise

Whether your HMRC tax investigation is large or small, you will receive the same excellent standard of service. A tax credit investigation or HMRC check of self assessment tax return will be handled by a senior member of our team, with the same passion and attention to detail as is the case when we deal with an HMRC tax investigation under Code of Practice 9.

Remember time means money

An HMRC tax investigation can easily become protracted if your case is handled poorly. This will result in unnecessary costs, both in professional fees and HMRC penalties. At Admiral Tax we seek fast resolution to every HMRC tax investigation that we take on, with no compromise on quality. If you have concerns regarding your UK tax affairs, are considering making a voluntary disclosure or have received a formal letter from HMRC notifying you that a tax investigation has commenced, you should contact Admiral Tax.

Admiral Tax should be your first port of call for HMRC tax investigation advice in the following areas:

Get in touch

Decisive, positive action is the key to success during HMRC investigations and this can only be achieved with specialist support. If have any questions regarding HMRC investigations or regarding any of our tax investigation services that we offer, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team on 0330 999 5000 or +44 1925 450 300