Personal tax investigations are headed with the title ‘Check of Self Assessment Tax Return‘. They focus on an individual, a partnership or a sole trading business.


Personal tax investigations will normally include an examination of all business books and records with a subsequent request for the taxpayer to attend a meeting with the HMRC investigator. You can read more on tax investigations and meetings with HMRC by visiting the link below. We have also produced a handy guide to the tax investigations process, which takes you through every stage of HMRC compliance checks.

Again this is linked below:

  • Tax investigation meetings with HMRC
  • HMRC tax investigation process


Personal tax investigations will often focus attention on one element of an individual or businesses affairs. These tax investigations or HMRC compliance checks are otherwise known as aspect enquiries. However, do not be misled. HMRC will often commence an aspect check of self assessment return with the objective of escalating the case to a full blown investigation. Always obtain as much tax investigation adviceas you can before engaging with HMRC on an compliance issues.


Personal tax investigations focusing on all aspects of the individual or businesses affairs are otherwise known as full enquiries. These tax investigations or HMRC compliance checks are more complex in nature and often driven by a greater perception of risk. Full tax investigations need particular attention as poor judgement can be extremely costly. Without question you should seek advice and support from a tax investigation specialist.


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