Tax Investigation Advice

If you have reached our tax investigation advice page then it probably means one of three things:

If you have not received an HMRC letter, but are concerned that you may have unpaid taxes, then please visit our page on making an HMRC voluntary disclosure


Contact will usually come from an HMRC local compliance team. The opening HMRC letter will be headed Check of Self Assessment Tax Return; alongside the relevant tax year of years. HMRC will usually write to you informing you that a check of self assessment tax return has commenced when they feel tax is at risk. The letter will ask you to supply relevant information and/or records that HMRC consider to be reasonably required to check your position. You simply must seek specialist tax investigation advice before complying with HMRC requests for information and documents.  You can read detailed information on supplying records during an HMRC compliance check by visiting our news blog dealing with HMRC compliance check – requests for information and documents.


You may have received notice that HMRC suspect serious fraud and that you are now the subject of investigation under the code of practice 9 procedures. Cases conducted under this provision require very specialist tax investigation advice

For detailed tax investigation advice on code of practice 9 and HMRC’s approach when dealing with civil investigation of fraud,  please select the relevant tax service from the list below.

If you receive notice from HMRC that a compliance intervention of any kind has commenced, you need to obtain honest, straight forward tax investigation advice quickly.


We obviously try to be as comprehensive as we can throughout all of the tax investigation advice we give on our website.

However, you simply cannot beat speaking with a sympathetic human being, who will listen and immediately understand your tax investigation concerns. A telephone consultation is free. There is no commitment or sales pressure. Take as much time as you need. Arm yourself with as much tax investigation advice as you possibly can before making a decision.

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What I can guarantee is this. You will feel so much better after you have picked up the telephone to Admiral Tax. Please do give us a call on 0330 999 5000 should you need tax investigation advice of any type or should you require any further information regarding the range of tax investigation services we offer.