Aside from being absolutely transparent, tax investigations fee structure is flexible and individually tailored according to the specific needs of each client. No two tax investigations or HMRC compliance checks are ever the same, so why pay more than you have to. We agree with our tax investigation fees upfront. Whether you choose to pay for our engagement by the hour or negotiate a fixed overall cost, you will never be overcharged.


We do not charge for the costs of administration, billing or secretarial services. You pay only for the specialist time, engaged productively in dealing with your case. Our processes are totally efficient, resulting in significant cost savings. We pass on these internal savings on to our clients, resulting in an unbeatable value in these difficult economic times.

We often finish a tax investigation engagement by saving our clients more than our total fee. This is aside from the savings we guarantee you in any tax investigation settlement we negotiate on your behalf. When appointing a tax investigations specialist never feel rushed into making a decision. The very nature of HMRC investigations means that we can sometimes panic. You need to take a step back and gather as much information as you can. This includes information relating to your adviser.


Do not be afraid to ask questions. After all, you are the client. You will wish to have a good idea of duration and cost. Similarly, you will need to gain a clear understanding of the knowledge, experience and technical ability that your tax investigation specialist brings to the table.

Cost should not necessarily be the overwhelming factor in your decision, but it is hugely important nonetheless. For that reason, it is worth spending a little time speaking to people and getting yourself some firm quotes.

We have nothing to hide when it comes to the cost of our tax investigation fees or services. You can ask us any question at all regarding the HMRC tax investigation process and what our instruction involves. We will always answer you directly and honestly.

Tax investigations managed by Admiral come with a totally new and unique philosophy

We promise you the following:

  • to be totally non-judgemental
  • to take control and be proactive
  • to put you, our client, first
  • to create a buffer between you and HMRC, allowing you to focus on business/family life
  • to rigorously defend your position within the parameters of published tax legislation
  • to seek resolution and closure to your tax investigation in a timely and cost-effective fashion
  • to be open and transparent, both in terms of our approach and in terms of our fees

These simple, but very important maxims form the basis of our overall tax investigations policy, ensuring that Admiral Tax Investigations is a company that you can trust.

What others think of our Tax Investigation Fees

Do not simply take our word for it. Have a look at what our many satisfied clients have to say by visiting our tax investigations testimonials page.  Furthermore, many of our clients are happy to speak with you personally, which can offer even greater comfort. Why? You can hear for yourself, genuine client comments on the excellent tax investigations service we provide.

First Class Service

Admiral represented both myself and my partner during a recent tax credit investigation. The service on a personal and professional level was first class. Dominic helped greatly during a very stressful time, having realised the predicament we found ourselves in. We carried out research and spoke to several companies about how to move forward but it was Dominic who spoke plainly and explained exactly what we needed to do. His experience was invaluable to us. Furthermore, we could have gone with some of the other companies who, on reflection now, had very high costs. We have no hesitation in recommending this firm.

Mr M North East, Private