Tax investigation specialists is a moniker used by many firms, but what exactly does it mean in practical terms. Our clients will often ask a very pertinent question prior to instructing us to act for them in matters relative to HMRC tax investigations. Why should I make use of the services of a firm of tax investigation specialists?


Your first and completely understandable instincts may be “well they will just tell me anything in order to sign me up” or “they are only interested in my money”. Our approach at Admiral Tax Investigation Specialists is different. We never to scare monger. Yes, this is a business and our very specialist tax investigation services do come at a price, but our policy is to give you straight forward, honest advice first time, every time.

What we promise you is to be open and transparent in all our dealing with you. We will never charge for anything other than our time, actively engaged in dealing with your case.


Firstly you get our 100% dedication. Our core business is tax investigation work. We do very little else, meaning that our entire focus is HMRC tax investigations in all of their guises. We are on top of changes in legislation effecting HMRC compliance work and tax investigations generally, not distracted by other tax work.

Admiral Tax Investigation Specialists cut through the jargon for you. We are dispassionate in our approach, but passionate about you! We adopt a front foot approach when dealing with HMRC. Pro-action rather reaction is our maxim.

We do not charge for initial tax investigation advice and our services include:

  • Personal Tax Investigation Specialists
  • Corporation Tax Investigation Specialists
  • Code of Practice 9 Tax Investigation Specialists
  • HMRC Special Investigations Specialists
  • Civil Investigation of Fraud Tax Investigation Specialists
  • Contractual Disclosure Facility Specialists
  • Voluntary Disclosure Specialists
  • Tax Credit Investigation Specialists

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